Friday, August 28, 2009

Qantice - Cosmocinesy

Symphonic Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Fantasy, Science-Fiction
Origin Formed in Current label Status
France (Paris, Île-de-France) 2002 Brennus Music Active
Current line-up
Vincent Pichereau - Lead Vocals (Biomech Race, Lands of Past)
Tony Beaufils - Bass, Guitar, Orchestration (Now-Lëdge, Mindrage, Krozal, Tornaod, Belyscendre, Naheulband)
Ephrem - Drums (Puzzle Mind)
Yoshika - Violin
Former/past member(s)
John Lang - Bohdran, Ulean Pipe (Naheulband)
Justine Descamps - Baroque Flute, Oboe
Dimitri Halby - Cross Flute (O'Brothers)
Tomaz Boucherifi-Kadiou - Tin Whistle (TornaoD, Aes Dana)
Carole Alcantara - Lyrical Voice (Diamond Dust (Fra), Aegirson, Oniromancy, Keltarian, Asylum Pyre)
Céline Devraine - Lyrical Voice (Belyscendre)
Vincent Thévenet - Lyrical Voice (1,618)
Cyril Verez - Bass

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Bloodwork- The Final End Principle(2009)

Melodic death metal band that is really good. The growls are awesome and the clean vocals are nicely done. Pretty catchy stuff here. Definitely worth a download.


Eternal Tears of Sorrow - Children of the Dark Waters (2009)

Eternal Tears of Sorrow (EToS) is a melodic death metal band, that incorporates Symphonic Metal music in their songs. They formed in Pudasjärvi in Northern Ostrobothnia in Northern Finland. The album will be in the same vein as Before the Bleeding Sun, but darker. The album's first single was "Tears of Autumn Rain" released in Finland on February 18 and featured female vocals by Miriam Renvåg (Ram-Zet) and Heidi Parviainen (Amberian Dawn)

Track listing[2]

  1. "Angelheart, Ravenheart (Act II: Children of the Dark Waters)" – 6:00
  2. "Baptized By the Blood of Angels" – 4:21
  3. "Tears of Autumn Rain" – 4:18
  4. "Summon the Wild" – 4:28
  5. "Sea of Whispers" – 4:14
  6. "Midnight Bird" – 4:47
  7. "Diary of Demonic Dreams" – 4:25
  8. "When the Darkest Night Falls" – 2:32
  9. "Nocturne Thule" – 5:16
  10. "Sea of Whispers (Acoustic Reprise)" (Bonus Track) – 5:14

's current lineup:
Altti Veteläinen (growling vocals, bass)
Jarmo Kylmänen (clean vocals)
Jarmo Puolakanaho (guitars)
Risto Ruuth (lead guitars)
Janne Tolsa (keyboards)
Juho Raappana (drums)


Monday, February 2, 2009

Delta - Black & Cold

Genre: Progressive Metal
About: Progressive metal band from Chile. Good stuff and some of the songs have an intro about the war in Iraq. Overall has a nice sound and good songs.


Myrath - Hope

Genre: Tunisian Progressive Metal Band
About: A progressive metal band from Tunisia. They are heavily influenced by Symphony X and you can hear it their songs. At some points he sounds like Russell Allen quite a bit. It is awesome none the less.

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

Alas - Absolute Purity

Genre: Operatic Power Metal
About: A female fronted operatic power metal band. Very good if you like that sort of thing as her voice is quite amazing and the songs are great.


7 Days - The Weight of the World

Genre: Progressive Power Metal
About: A Swedish Symphonic prog metal Band with influences of Dark Rock and Doom Metal.
All the band members have their own bands and are experienced and influenced by several musical styles.